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Dear community,

Most of you already read about the unfortunate event that took place last night.
One of the founders got a data breach on his server, the server that contained his
personal wallet with 1 million PRIV in it. Those PRIVs were send to CREX24 and
partly dumped at market prices. The remaining part stayed as a limit sell order
in the orderbook. A sad event for our project but even worse for our founder,
losing that amount of PRIV but more important someone got hold of his personal
data, a severe breach of his personal privacy, whats in a name you could say.

After finding out what happened our CMO contacted CREX24 to discuss options,
thanks to their helpfull attitude the deposit, withdrawls and trading is halted 
and the exchange wallet containing the stolen PRIV was locked.

In the meantime we started an investigation and collected evidence for CREX24
so we can prove that the stolen PRIV belongs to our founder. This is still 
ongoing at the time of writing this.

Important to know:

- the data breach has nothing to do with the security of the PRiVCY blockchain
  nor with the security of the qt-wallet.

- We are in contact with CREX24 about the developments

- This has nothing to do with an exit scam or whatsoever. Every rational thinking
  human being will understand that putting months of work in this project and then
  pulling off an exit scam to gather 0.3 BTC would be a waste of time.

We want to be as transparant as we can be about this situation, trust is a key factor
if you work on something together as a team and community.

We see this as a temporarily setback, we will continue to move forward with the project
with good things coming our way. The mixer is in its last stage of development, we have
the CoinDeal exchange listing coming up and some exciting marketing events on the calender.

We, the moderators team of PRiVCY want to fully speak out our trust in the founders/developers
and in the project as a whole. None of us sold any PRIV during this unfortunate event, we
are here to stay. We hope you will stay with us on this journey to make PRiVCY a number one
privacy coin!

We will keep you updated!

@Raypok        moderator
@vectisitch     moderator
@05w3z0        moderator
@JustASalad   moderator
@art3dsm      moderator
@Bob-bit         moderator
@Mjolnir        moderator
@THXMiner   moderator

@SPEEDSTER moderator

@MadGoofy moderator

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