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what you think about Doge coin?

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Many people think,Doge is a highly potential coin.  But one other group believe that , it's not because of it's high supply. I'm confused about it.

Sometimes it's play well(2x,3x) within some days but sometimes it's play with wrong direction.

That's why I hold it sometimes & sell it for safety.

Finally I think I'll hold it for a long time 

But what your opinion about Doge coin?

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13 hours ago, peonuser said:

I think the Doge is only popular because it's on almost every exchange and the withdrawal fees are usually very low, so it's very useful to transfer funds between exchanges. Regarding the price, it always seems to bounce up and down on regular intervals, so I also think the price is being manipulated by big whales.



Maybe you are right & it'll be up & down again and again.

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I absolutely love DOGE. Will be buying it over and over again whenever it goes 40 sats and bellow. If it's under 25 sats - much wow!  Selling it approximately around 100 days and above.

It's cute and fun, it's low sats so newbies are buying it.

It's what it is, they're not pretending to be something they're not. There's no development, but so what? There are no announcements of the announcements.

It's one of the strongest alt indicators. 😄  

It has a big and strong community (in 2014 they sponsored the NASCAR race and community donated $55k), lots of people entered crypto mining doge yeeears ago and love it still. It's also used for tipping. On some exchanges there are DOGE trading pairs. Transactions are fast - has 1 minute blocks...


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