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Forum ranks and badges:

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Dear community,

With a forum there will be forum ranks of course. We chose to develop some nice and shiny badges to accompany these ranks. The names we chose are related to privacy, security and anonimity. 

We hope you like them, enjoy your new badges¬†ūüŹÜ

Special thanks to @05w3z0¬†for graphics designs¬†ūüĎŹ

Forum ranks:                          Posts count

1. Public Newbie                        0      

2. Discreet Junior                       25    

3. Dark Horse                             100   

4. Scrambler                               250   

5. Gatekeeper                             500  

6. Cloak King                              1000 

7. Stealth Master                        2500 

8. Incognito Boss                        5000 

9. Mr. Tor the Anonymous          10.000     


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Soon Salad will be a discreet junior salad, so excite

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