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  1. K00l1

    Monthly Mini-AD report 12/01/2018:

    thanx for the mini ad
  2. K00l1

    Is the privcy airdrop going to be extended?

    as mention on discord there will 20k privcy monthly airdrop after the 20ad. it will be for the holders
  3. K00l1

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    Only 10 hrs left till the deadline all members plz follow all rules tweet
  4. K00l1

    Staking explained:

    will it be good option to stake privcy on the web wallet
  5. K00l1

    Staking explained:

    should the always be online for staking or we can turn if off ?
  6. K00l1

    it's me

    well i am here in the forum. seeing what new and liking it
  7. K00l1


    The will be good addition in the Privcy world
  8. Two more AD left in the plan but the real journey will start after the ADs

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