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  1. Raypok

    coindeal is live

    Great news, it took some patience but there it is! Start trading guys! We will have some nice giveaways starting this weekend!
  2. For those who like to participate in airdrops an interesting article, happy reading: source: https://coindoo.com/top-airdrops-you-should-look-out-for-in-december/
  3. Raypok

    Monthly Mini-AD report 12/01/2018:

    Indeed, well with 247 members in the 10K+ group you still need luck indeed. Hopefully next month buddy
  4. Raypok

    Monthly Mini-AD report 12/01/2018:

    The lottery is setup to promote higher holdings, so if you hold 10K you have 1 ticket, but if you hold 12K you have 2 tickets ...etc (see screen). It means that we put your wallet address once in the total group for the draw, if you have two tickets your wallet will be added two times in the group for the draw...etc
  5. Raypok

    Monthly Mini-AD report 12/01/2018:

    @Ben Be If you hold more 25K+ -till 49.999999999K then you were part of the 25K lottery. Please take notice of the AD schedule. From month 3 you have a defintive airdrop for that group. Next month is another lottery.
  6. Raypok

    what will you do when market turns round

    I'm flipping alts to btc back and forth to built up my btc stack. When markets turn into a new bull i want to have as much BTC as possible
  7. ====Our first montly mini-ad report ==== This first month the mini-ad payout is 20K PRIV Statistics (team excluded): * Total badgeholders 10K and above = 298 Numbers breakdown of this group: - 250K 2 members - 100K 5 members - 50K 12 members - 25K 32 members - 10K+ 247 members Payout/lottery according to our schedule: * 250K badge - share 1000 PRIV PGRQH3oPu4oJ3RA2anKswig5mY2Y5JCka9 500 PDY2JZ7qf9wW88WxSKYcYcS9QNguY9rtkf 500 * 100K badge - share 1000 PRIV PDv9GGBc8m78jENvazAk9XA8MGEjVLbpC2 200 PVopsHoRc4mDCNShqRZSd8msqy31VVnfrw 200 PMuN8Ta62VJFAFdrh6GNZuixqUG3PZRJ4B 200 PJXrxBsstFZSmZLfteMMiMWHKkFpEZGfeL 200 PMbEhWwfAZ1vxQvofi5SbjC6PRFHfNSimZ 200 * 50K badge - share 1000 PRIV PLSa591H6CQknrPtRwdLhLA5GFoorZBRQL 83.3333 PSj5h4tTTgmz9LHcuD6vfgABJS7T3HFF7f 83.3333 PMgmEJXvoSRtdmm1CzG8XqDH9YdxTwEmgv 83.3333 PXvS6ZB1UrGZAGcuDkMYBwaR3CAt7VEgHD 83.3333 PTB1K21srRTp1g4gXG4PwMbK8WJAs1r8Qv 83.3333 PVaCbJm1Ubra2g5nY97oobnv1KCYzxuCmK 83.3333 PUfqFaG4F116aBK7kJhK2CeKF2mu8VEkF5 83.3333 PQPLhazbDsz6r9c8kTF6AvX6VDCiR6jYXw 83.3333 PDWcB2pFLLYkPUtHtcwu4R6UgJQ71ogj4y 83.3333 PEUAzdBzuehzzD6dg6UZEbqhFJCPLAv41B 83.3333 P9AfAjrhtdAuaiiChEJNqUPvEBaJkFdhqi 83.3333 PGJHEpcPcqDdXJjPDUm7p2cBdWe4MyM4uM 83.3333 * 25K badge - Lottery winners share 2000 PRIV PGfekD8mC24Qrpvh2QRtZwggbrLt2PS1jR 200 PUeJAJWBKgtVrkbVdWT3XM9tU49SrZ9Ntg 200 P9grmmF1W4TRdS5ZqV583UfioJVhddJQSU 200 PUSFrxHFyTcwW8Dwz7qEgZ5BvknRmxqB1Q 200 PHTjtRYZERgGWJxnzxyQrMjjxju8SRyLnz 200 PLcLgwJs3Wt5qa2VUXDSqRxiu1bYdPCPyn 200 PDr9K6if3Gg2kmoF9sYJJVQqC57cp6Qq3M 200 PCqnz5krMDTH3G8CKbYcgYj9uW5rexTJu3 200 PNeGq2xSbBWJ2HZE5R3JyjVtPaxYfK7GGC 200 PC8uxBDEyxjGzZh4EWugQQTtYfV4XxAZQt 200 * 10K badge - 30 Lottery winners share 15000 PRIV PG82KUpmGWoUz6Pw3c1zEUo4m9QygsY1n3 500 PWHtBDGiNMmw3Yj3ZJk1FmhR4WJqeCni9f 500 PNfajHsmCPd2xBUJCPgv3b1rhDpvYSwcUZ 500 PHo5AJmC7PJtNfBj41h92xmN2oQgnNBXgC 500 PGtQ5J8WXxiKWonAFUVmLpjbeCCJUiEafB 500 PUH4UqtLKUrSXJeeiQD5SJocfPcqTQYfei 500 PPsnHcBLR6KJG28ckCv8sMGee3GDVHTbjG 500 PSxM99Vw5n8xeu1tRiJPZaxegCEJzq9wSU 500 PNk4cJwGotx8w5ZFH4eHZnWko4LNJR2nwt 500 PUa2qqLjMN4u9JQFCvbo6gv7XRWu42WkUf 500 PLzoHHRHcb5mywpZw6KyagGuYhUNv5KdTy 500 PB1WtUxEEs8kvfFQWw453wdTAH9hEJVjtc 500 PUgk6EHM8j7jdhNLxiiB28rUmMZEmZBwbm 500 PCh17XUhXFzLjcEgFQdH6ZDeYpJJc5Wa1w 500 PTpmdtmZSgHn2dGQjfnQZ1nZ3R7a41Atbn 500 PSw5cjSxRgsoeBxqpEZ7UjckoU59c6dpon 500 PHFGHFSh4UXgSpnyTirdUArdbyYwbg9q4j 500 PMP2sWnAM6ANqEhRk6MSgQKb4sQGSokt3D 500 PWm1u9hv3CbhJXimPXu6Ug1V285rjGB4RC 500 PS6TpALruqFEfpY5z5wkU1cZN9qpH2VPBm 500 PMbPUbQrCpaL4raAwt9fQwJeX8kAyuQ4EW 500 PBdC3WRYwPLkwBe1JwdTgk2o1qHFiSGQgz 500 PX1D9QgPvjcvkE2Ph55GSCg1GzXC1vcdFR 500 PAs7eByC1CwvwdrUSsscYvJ7cWSu4kSEHu 500 PB6TRumZ9drXGHwYfEJ5ciTjHR86mSb8pP 500 PDRS3RnEQfVSbMhwcj162vsBh79dh9nVKA 500 P8jWxbWt8Wp2WCeLTbqoDHz8ZXMm3Efa16 500 PTRUNGJdhg5eps3r2tBVjQ4B6dRNttxmoM 500 PN9nptkBncBXC35hCd5J1MHwPTBRiCrumV 500 PH7PAXoKpKjzu6iPNmxvRRC5AXanNxBzrR 500 *Note: The 10K lottery was with tickets, the higher holders got more tickets thus a higher statistical chance to be drawn. The 30 winners held tickets as follows: 6 winners holded 6 tickets 3 winners holded 5 tickets 10 winners holded 4 tickets 6 winners holded 3 tickets 3 winners holded 2 tickets 2 winners holded 1 ticket We are very happy with the big group of holders. Next month every holder will receive 20 PRIV on top of the normal mini-ad. (for the lottery we used the random name picker tool on internet) Thank you and congrats to the winners of the lottery, till next month!
  8. This friday 16:00 UTC is the first cutoff for the mini AD. Make sure you have your coins in your registered wallet by then. Happy hodling
  9. People always want to know the reason behind price moves in crypto (same for stockmarket or any financial market), well the simple explanation for the recent downfall of the cryptomarket is that there are more sellers than buyers, but that answer won't give you any satisfaction. So read this then: Link: https://cointelegraph.com/news/what-is-going-on-with-the-crypto-markets-analysts-unpack-factors-behind-10-days-slump
  10. Raypok

    Trading bots vs Humans:

    Some background reading for you guys, if you interested in trading Link: https://cointelegraph.com/explained/trading-bots-vs-humans-explained
  11. Raypok

    BTC price

    Btc price level
  12. Raypok

    PRiVCY team:

    Dear community, We value your opinion,dedication and the effort put into this project. It has been asked several times, so now it's time to deliver. To give some more insight into the people behind the PRiVCY team, we compiled a document containing the introduction,vision, and some background info about the team members. https://forum.privcy.io/uploads/set_resources_3/Introduction_Final_small.pdf Happy reading
  13. Raypok

    Halloween - Trick or treat - giveaway:

    @Youngwebs @Riksen @jochemrindt @elgorilon @nobodyknows @Michael B @GD @Niktune Amid this crypto bloodbath our Halloween Trick or Treat giveaway ended today! Congrats guys with fulfilling the hodl period! Payout of the bonus $PRIV will follow shortly. Enjoy your new coins. Thank u for participating!
  14. Raypok

    Wooot Crypto ETF:

    Good news from Switzerland where next week the first real crypto ETF will start trading under the ticker HODL (nice name). The ETF is composed out of 5 cryptocurrencies, XRP, BTC, LTC, ETH and Bitcoin cash. Good news, the ETF will be very interesting for the common investor of course but also for fund managers that want to have some exposure to the cryptomarket. source: https://bitcoinist.com/switzerland-amun-bitcoin-etf-hodl/
  15. As you can read it the link underneath the ICO market is declining due to regulations and the ongoing bearmarket. I don't think this will change anytime soon because not only the given reasons in the article but also the overkill of launched ICO's and the scams taking place have a very negative effect on the ROI. Better stay with projects that do an ICD (Initial Coin Distribution) or the so called Airdrop! Happy reading source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/ico-performance-in-q3-2018-saw-overall-disappointment-study-shows

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