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  1. Raypok

    Feyrian presentation

    Welcome buddy, enjoy your stay here
  2. Raypok

    Config file for MAC:

    Config files are common use for wallets. Only MAC wallets are somewhat difficult in use compared to the windows wallet. Windows wallets also use config files for better connection but don't need a rpc user and password. Thanks for sharing your thoughts
  3. = AD20 - THE FINAL ROUND - Rules = To celebrate the final round we adjusted the rules a bit in your favor NORMAL MEMBER AND 25K CLUB MEMBER RULES: * Like and retweet the mandatory tweets Sunday-Thursday You will find the links in #rules * Discord activity 25XP minimum * Make 3 posts on our forum https://forum.privcy.io/ Note No BCT posts and signature required anymore VOTE CLUB MEMBER RULES: * 3 mandatory votes, upload your proof in #proof-vote-club-ad20 * Discord activity 10XP minimum NEW MEMBERS (FIRST TIME REGISTERED) RULES: * Forum registration is mandatory! https://forum.privcy.io/ * BCT activity 28+ and registered before JUNE 1 * Verification payment of 0.001 PRIV read #announcements * Like and retweet the mandatory tweets sunday-thursday You will find the links in #rules * Discord activity 25XP minimum * Make 3 posts on our forum It's the Last Round, so let's celebrate a successful AD period and get ready for the next phase of the PRiVCY project!
  4. Raypok

    Getting the word around

    Nice post mate, welcome to our community and enjoy your stay. We will take a look into your suggestions
  5. AD20 rules will be published soon
  6. The CoinDeal vote round ends this coming tuesday. We won't take any risk so keep voting please. Requirements for AD20: - 3 mandatory votes, upload your proof in discord channel #proof-vote-club-ad20 - 10 XP discord activity The multiplier will be 0.3 No other requirements, so its a very easy task for you guys because we appreciate the effort you put in these last two weeks! PRiVCY-Team
  7. 19th Airdrop has been distributed to 471 participants! Congratulations! 550 000 PRiV distributed! Next airdrop will be on 20th of October @ 16:00 UTC, cut off for NEW registrations, balances and mandatory tasks is on 19th of October @ 16:00 UTC The payouts were as follows: Held more than 90% of airdropped balance 100000-249999 2452.394323 50000-99999 1751.710231 25000-49999 1226.197162 10000-24999 1051.026138 5000-9999 770.7525015 3000-4999 630.6156831 1000-2999 490.4788646 100-999 350.3420462 0-99 280.2736369 Held less than 90% of airdropped balance 5000+ 350.3420462 3000-4999 280.2736369 1000-2999 21.02052277 100-999 14.01368185 0-99 7.006840923 *these amounts do not include voters club, therefore your actual payout might be higher if you are in voters club) We are improving our Airdrop System from AD12 and as part of it we require you to input the same registration information as you did here on discord, to our site https://privcy.io/airdrop-registration/ You will need your Discord user name, twitter link, btc id, email and your AD PRiVCY wallet address Please note this is ONE TIME mandatory step in order to receive airdrops from AD12 - AD20 Please note that ALL TWEETS from Sunday 14th to Thursday 18th are mandatory to retweet
  8. Raypok

    Found It. Joined. Off with the noobs ;)

    Welcome here, enjoy your stay
  9. Raypok

    Hello, All Great People

    Welcome, nice introduction, thank you and enjoy
  10. Today's airdrop will be 2-3 hours later then normal because of the availability of our CMO. Thank you for understanding!
  11. Raypok

    PRiVCY Theme giveaway:

    This an ongoing giveaway, we judge the entries once per month or so, you will be notified if your entie is selected. Thanks for your entrie
  12. Raypok


    Nice introduction, welcome, enjoy your stay here
  13. Raypok


    I like your idea, lets see what others think
  14. Raypok

    Hi from me

    Welcome mate, nice to have u here, enjoy
  15. Raypok

    Hello .

    Welcome, nice to have u here, enjoy your stay

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