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  1. Michael B

    Monthly Mini-AD report 12/01/2018:

    Awesome to be in with a share of the 100K pot, thanks again team
  2. Michael B

    Investing in ICO,s? Nah. forget it

    I think if you look really hard you will still find some seriously good projects amongst the garbage but the Bear market has certainly put several nails in the coffin of most of this year ICO launches. They were decimated when starting on the DEX exchanges such as Forkdelta or IDEX and left many investors nursing instant losses of 50 even up to 95%
  3. Michael B

    Eterbase second round twitter vote poll:

    Everyone make sure you vote via Twitter
  4. Michael B

    Halloween - Trick or treat - giveaway:

    TRICK! I bought 2,309 PRiV Tx of withdrawal : 0892f6eab068a38e69f092589cb7576cffe898f67f09aad29b6d90df516e7827 Wallet Address : PDv9GGBc8m78jENvazAk9XA8MGEjVLbpC2
  5. Michael B

    Puzzle #15

    These are so much fun to do and keep the Brain active whilst we wait for develoments
  6. Michael B

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    It's been a fantastic 20 weeks thanks for everything received from the team, I now look forward to the project development taking the centre stage rather than the airdrops
  7. Michael B

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    Victory is ours in the Coindeal voting
  8. Michael B

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    The "Mixer" will be one of the next deliverables but it might have a different name at launch
  9. Michael B

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    Wow those 20 weeks have passed by so quickly, I have been fortunate to receive all 19 Airdrops to date and I look forward to number 20 to complete the set.
  10. Michael B

    Puzzle #11

    Thanks JustaSalad keep them coming they are great fun
  11. Michael B


    Great effort from the Vote Club members, we are currently in a winning place even in 2nd as more than 1,500 votes were collected, but let's finish on a high and stay in 1st place for the remaining 7 days.
  12. Michael B

    Staking explained:

    Yes I use that as a minimum and have larger blocks also
  13. Michael B

    Kittens Corner

    Tssk surprised he hasn't added members from Discord channel as yet
  14. Michael B

    Staking explained:

    Interested to see if there is any recommended formula for improving the yield. My best results so far have come from staking blocks >1,200 PRiV in size
  15. Michael B

    it's me

    100% Yummy Mummy

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