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  1. Michael B

    Puzzle #11

    Thanks JustaSalad keep them coming they are great fun
  2. Michael B


    Great effort from the Vote Club members, we are currently in a winning place even in 2nd as more than 1,500 votes were collected, but let's finish on a high and stay in 1st place for the remaining 7 days.
  3. Michael B

    Staking explained:

    Yes I use that as a minimum and have larger blocks also
  4. Michael B

    Kittens Corner

    Tssk surprised he hasn't added members from Discord channel as yet
  5. Michael B

    Staking explained:

    Interested to see if there is any recommended formula for improving the yield. My best results so far have come from staking blocks >1,200 PRiV in size
  6. Michael B

    it's me

    100% Yummy Mummy
  7. Thanks once again team the AD was gratefully received, I have all 18 so far and pleased to have been involved from day 1.
  8. Michael B

    it's me

    Greetings to all not sure how I can divide my time between Discord and Here

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