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  1. longestday3030

    CoinDeal winner: PRiVCY

    Great things come when there is good Privcy team work. I hope this will be a major turning point for Privcy in finding good exchanges.
  2. longestday3030

    Privcy looking forward to a bright future!

    Privcy is getting listed in multiple trading exchanges. That's very good news to add trading volume.
  3. longestday3030

    What's your favorite exchange?

    I always find myself trading in Bittrex. Besides the liquidity, withdrawal fee of bitcoin is lower compared to other exchanges.
  4. longestday3030

    PRIVCY - Realistic predictions for 2019?

    If we get a relief rally for altcoins this December,I think $1 is feasible for Privcy. The market prices privacy coins with a premium in a bull market.
  5. longestday3030

    What is your biggest regrets in cryptocurrency?

    My worst regret is not selling in January. I should have realized that the bull market was over and should have sold.
  6. longestday3030

    Tether USD, do you think it's a big scam!

    They refused to have a proper audit. That alone tells me there is something fishy going on. I don't trust Tether.
  7. longestday3030

    Altcoin discussion:

    If my Lethean LTHN pops hard, I plan to buy back my Zelcash. Lethean has a working beta product that is decentralized VPN. I decided to bet on this one rising fast instead of Zel. I hope I did the right decision. About to find out I guess.
  8. longestday3030

    Altcoin discussion:

    I'm also a fan of Zelcash. Too bad I was forced to sell to pay for electricity.

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