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  1. 05w3z0


    naravno da ima ta opcija ali sad ju necu postavit jer ne znas lijepo zamolit
  2. 05w3z0


    ja sam alfa i omega ovog foruma i mogu imat postova koliko hocu :P
  3. 05w3z0

    General Chat

    there already IS international section
  4. 05w3z0


    kako mislis nemres tippat post? daj neki screenshot a betting ce kad bude spreman
  5. 05w3z0

    General Chat

    there is no specific signature you have to wear, you are only supposed to do what is asked in the rules. It would be nice if you could make more than required 3 posts.
  6. 05w3z0

    Hello .

    Welcome and good luck :)
  7. 05w3z0


    Dobro nam došao i ti :D
  8. 05w3z0

    General Chat

    there are 2 ways, one way is to save the picture and put it in the signature and the other is to open the "source" when editing signature and put in this code <p style="text-align: center;"> <img alt="glasslogo.jpg" src="https://forum.privcy.io/uploads/monthly_2018_10/glasslogo.thumb.jpg.ff47cdeb8098b7a191939a2cc206ff53.jpg"> </p>
  9. 05w3z0

    Backgroud color suggestion

    there are 6 backgrounds you can choose
  10. 05w3z0

    General Chat

    There is no specific signature you should take, put in anything you like
  11. 05w3z0


    It is always difficult when you encounter something new for the first time, use it often and you will get used to it really quick :D
  12. 05w3z0

    General Chat

    It will be available for a price
  13. 05w3z0

    General Chat

    was it successful?
  14. 05w3z0

    Kittens Corner


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