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  1. jon008

    Privcy Gaming team game suggestion

    i remember star craft but i do not play it. thank you for the suggestion this will help us to play more game :)
  2. jon008

    Privcy Gaming team game suggestion

    thank you for the suggestion, this will help us..
  3. jon008

    Privcy Gaming team game suggestion

    thanks you for your comment we will looking for that the future of gaming is also the future of cryptocurrency.. :)
  4. jon008

    Mga kabayan tara usap tayo (all about privcy).

    good luck saatin malapit na sabado ulit ang bilis ng panahon. damin nating natutunan dito sa privs, madami din tayong nakilalang mga kaibigan at mga taong naging success din sa crypto na sila ang napatunay at nagpamulat saatin.. kita kits nalang sa mga sususnod na project..
  5. jon008

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    airdrop 20 is already coming and soon will ends, lets finish this and soon privcy will go to moon :) thank you privcy admin for the 20 weeks of airdrop i will support your next chapter of this project..
  6. jon008


    we are leading by this time but we still need continue the vote,
  7. jon008

    Privcy Gaming team game suggestion

    its ok i play it ones but i always playing Mobile Legends
  8. jon008

    ETH crisis Knocking.

    i think eth will be back anytime soon.
  9. jon008

    Privcy and salted egg

    salted egg is delicious with tomatoes.. :D
  10. jon008

    Mabuhay Pilipinas

    ang tahimik ng discord at ng forum
  11. jon008

    Privcy Gaming team game suggestion

    yes i like playing versus games :)
  12. jon008

    Privcy Gaming team game suggestion

    it is android game right? i never play that game before.. but we will check it thanks for suggestion :)
  13. jon008

    Privcy Gaming team game suggestion

    we will check i never play GTA V online, i just play it offline and complete the mission :)
  14. jon008

    Privcy Gaming team game suggestion

    is it like clash of clans right?
  15. jon008

    Altcoin discussion:

    check this out STAKER TOKEN first POS Smart contract in Ethereum, they have 40 weeks of airdrop here is their discord https://discord.gg/ds4eVYT

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