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  1. Paff


    well what excactly do you want to do with this pc? just internet or office? or do you want to game? would be nice if you could offer some information so we can help ya out
  2. great news! let's get some volume there as well
  3. Paff

    Giggle time!

    Why do vegetarians give good head? Beause they’re used to eating nuts. -----------------
  4. well depends on if you want some quick profit NOW or can wait for profit to come. I hardly trade and only have invested in one ICO so far. for now I've waited more than 6 month and the ICO is still in development.
  5. Paff

    Is the privcy airdrop going to be extended?

    yes thats true for people who hold >10k priv. and I think the mini AD will be 20k priv. this 20k will be divided through the total holdes. 25k holder get more and so on
  6. Paff

    Will you hold Priv after AD finish?

    Paff is here for the long run and will holdr strong! but there surely will be people who will sell after ad.

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