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  1. Also, another thing... (although I’m obviously just talking to myself :)) Dogecoin is still used 4x more than bitcoin cash https://bitcoinist.com/such-hard-fork-much-hot-air-dogecoin-still-used-4x-more-than-bitcoin-cash/
  2. Weljo

    Go get your free XLM:

  3. Weljo

    Go get your free XLM:

    For $nrg on Coinomi there was KYC needed (and still is) but they asked only to take a photo with a document. Only important thing was that your name and photo is visible and it was allowed to delete/black other information. Did it. Greedy reasons. Got my coins. Still not feeling good about it but what’s done is done. Was thinking of maybe doing the same thing here, who knows, maybe it will be ok, but it’s just 25$... Not sure about it. And edit: that’s not allowed
  4. Weljo

    Your favorite board games?

    I bought Battlestar Galactica maybe 8-10 years ago. Was crazy excited. Everybody was talking/writing about it. Great reviews. Literally found only 1 person who wanted to play it with me. Now it’s in the storage.
  5. Weljo

    Doge corner (puppy corner)

    Of course
  6. Weljo

    Get $AION on Coinomi wallet

    That decent amount of clicking - it’s about 15 minutes. That’s it. But you’ll have to wait for few weeks to get your coins.
  7. Weljo

    Doge corner (puppy corner)

    What’s wrong? there are different kittens, there are different doggies
  8. Weljo

    Doge corner (puppy corner)

    This SWAMP DOG makes me lough every time.
  9. Weljo

    Doge corner (puppy corner)

    min pin puppies
  10. Weljo

    Doge corner (puppy corner)

    Well, if we have kittens corner, we can also have pupppieees (shiba inu)
  11. Weljo

    Your favorite board games?

    What are your favorite boardgames? Just bought this one 2 weeks ago as a present. But my favorites are Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary.
  12. Weljo

    ENERGI Earndrop on Coinomi

    There are two more rounds left of this aidrop, or let's say earndrop. It depends on a person, but if you're into airdrops, this is a good one - currently around $80! https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/energi/ Here is the link without the ref number One person is allowed to participate only in one round. To participate you have to do KYC in order to verify you are a citizen of one of the following: USA, Canada, EU, AUS, NZ (full name & government ID required) (IMPORTANT: while doing KYC you are sharing personal information, think about it twice because it can always end up in wrong hands, it's your responsibility) They also announced the final round aka the global round and it's the best just to sign up for the mail announcement to make sure you don’t miss out! You'll need: 1. Energi (NRG) wallet address — open it on Coinomi wallet 2. An active account on at least 2 social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Discord, YouTube, GitHub, LinkedIn) It takes a bit of clicking and sharing on social media but that's it. Have patience, It will take several months to complete registrations and to audit all participants before paying out coins.
  13. So, Coinomi has partnered with Aion_Network to AD thousands of $AION Here is the rank on CoinMarketCap They are also planing a giveaway of 10,000 $AION to one lucky winner! All the info on Coinomi Twitter To join the Aion airdrop, just join Coinomi telegram, see the pinned msg and talk to coinomibot. You'll need to do a decent amount of clicking, liking, retweeting, but that's it. The campaign ends in about few weeks.
  14. Weljo

    Go get your free XLM:

    If you'd like to participate in Stellar airdrop the easiest thing is to download Blockchain wallet (on your mobile for example) and then you will see "claim your free XLM now" on top of the page. Click on that and they will ask you for your email address. Then they will send you an email that you are on the waiting list and you need to confirm it. Then you'll have to wait for another info. The most important thing is that they will ask you to verify your identity to ensure that no one is trying to claim more XLM then they are entitled to (one XLM distribution per person, worth $25). For that (KYC) you will need PASSPORT or a DRIVING LICENCE. (This is not something crypto people do easily and you have to be careful to whom are you sending your personal info. You are doing it at your own risk, think about it twice because it can always end up in wrong hands and it's your responsibility.)
  15. Weljo

    Go get your free XLM:

    Yea, I posted about it yesterday also, on local BCT. It sounds interesting, but again, most are against that KYC for 25$.

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