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  1. D1Zee

    Will you hold Priv after AD finish?

    Am with you on that one, was Lucky to be here since AD 3 also and been HODLing since then and still will be HODLing for a long while to come. The day I sell out of what am HODLing, will come back here to put it up for the amount I sold at
  2. D1Zee


    Don't think they will do anything just to hurt PRiV cos we all know there's nothing wrong with all votes casted from here, with proofs to back them up too.
  3. D1Zee

    Is the privcy airdrop going to be extended?

    That sounds cool, you can still get some number of coins if you HODL up to or more than 10k
  4. D1Zee

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    I think the rules are pretty much easy not to fail by any category you find yourself, in fact I think the Devs kinda make this last round a give away for all participants. Kudos
  5. D1Zee


    We've already clinched the top position but just to keep it up till the last final hours which I believe we can do. HODL the line people.
  6. D1Zee

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    It has been a wonderful time hanging and chatting with all you guys and hope to keep this going for a long time to come. Thanks to the Dev teams for your resilience and your dedication in taking thus project to where it is now and strongly believe that we will take it even way further. See your all at the other side of AD 20
  7. D1Zee


    Nice, we are still holding the top spot and looks pretty much a done deal. Good work to the teams
  8. D1Zee

    it's me

    D1Zee as always stepping in, see y'all started the party without me

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