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  1. Jelly_SL

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    Cant wait since im not eligible
  2. Hopefully some newbie friendly rules this time please?
  3. thanks.. does the same rules apply for the final AD as well? any information regarding this?
  4. Jelly_SL

    New faucet

    thats precisely why they have a faucet.. and it pays well too
  5. Jelly_SL

    Altcoin discussion:

    yes maybe gradually
  6. Jelly_SL


    go PRIV gooo
  7. Jelly_SL

    Official Tweets for AD19

    thanks for the reminder
  8. Jelly_SL


  9. Jelly_SL

    Getting the word around

    welcome to the club!!
  10. Jelly_SL

    Puzzle #11

    congratulation man
  11. Jelly_SL

    New faucet

    works fine boss. tested
  12. Jelly_SL

    Forum Kings!


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