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  1. Jelly_SL

    Available PRiVCY Mining Pools

    it will when the prices moon
  2. Jelly_SL

    Getting the word around

    oh absolutely agreed with you there priv could only go up
  3. Jelly_SL

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    Cant wait since im not eligible
  4. Hopefully some newbie friendly rules this time please?
  5. Jelly_SL


  6. thanks.. does the same rules apply for the final AD as well? any information regarding this?
  7. Jelly_SL

    New faucet

    thats precisely why they have a faucet.. and it pays well too
  8. Jelly_SL

    Altcoin discussion:

    yes maybe gradually
  9. Jelly_SL


    go PRIV gooo
  10. Jelly_SL

    Official Tweets for AD19

    thanks for the reminder
  11. Jelly_SL


  12. Jelly_SL

    Getting the word around

    welcome to the club!!
  13. Jelly_SL

    Puzzle #11

    congratulation man
  14. Jelly_SL

    How to backup your wallet:


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