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  1. coinmaster241

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    Making posts or comments also includes posts? ... if everyone makes a new post / thread it will be very cool, of course adding new discussions going forward but not spam
  2. coinmaster241

    Halo Member Indonesia

    Salam kenal semua member indonesia, Saya harap adanya forum ini menjadi langkah awal kita untuk membangun sebuah komunitas yang lebih besar lagi ketimbang lainnya.
  3. coinmaster241


    May be considered after AD 20 ends, because it is still focused on thinking about how to marketing / advertise this project so that it is evenly distributed to crypto users entirely
  4. coinmaster241

    Privcy Gaming team game suggestion

    Indeed, GTA 5 is good, but it takes a lot of time to complete it. I think mob games can be an interesting choice to play together
  5. coinmaster241


    it's also good, easier to digest and memorize in everyone's ears
  6. coinmaster241

    Hello, All Great People

    Finding potential in project requires special skills, but as far as I understand, if most have active communities that will last a long time. that in my opinion
  7. coinmaster241

    Hello, All Great People

    No problem, just as I waste some of AD that I passed, most important thing is how we will move forward
  8. coinmaster241


    So far the forum privcy feature is very interesting compared to others forum, that's in my opinion. because it's light and nice to see.
  9. coinmaster241

    Found It. Joined. Off with the noobs ;)

    Welcome guys, Newbie badge is very cool bro, unique and nice to see.
  10. coinmaster241

    Hello, All Great People

    Hello everyone, I'm happy to join PRiVCY from beginning of Airdrop until now, I believe this project will be great because our community is incredibly fanatical with PRIVCY Coin project. Almost a number of Big Projects don't believe that PRiVCY can attract a TESTAMENT Band as promoter that has fans around the world. this is the first step of the PRiVCY team to be introduced worldwide. I hope that in future developers can consider increasing mass promotion for this PRiVCY project. And of course I'm willing to take part in this project without reservation
  11. coinmaster241

    Altcoin discussion:

    yes this does have its own level of difficulty, because it requires professional resources with its fields. as far as I know airdrop discord groups have special opportunities to attract people to participate more in this project
  12. coinmaster241

    Privcy Gaming team game suggestion

    I don't play games too often except Mobile Legend
  13. coinmaster241


    I agree, if possible this member's original hand is made so as not to violate the Google TOS, etc. it will sound good if it has a cinematical genre
  14. coinmaster241

    My first post!

    although I miss some AD, I still believe until now this project will really have an extraordinary community in discord and in this forum
  15. coinmaster241

    General Chat

    Wow cool, your signature is just all the available space, you should edit it on photosop so it won't be too heavy when loading the page

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