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  1. Bob-bit

    Staking explained:

    I build my stacks in groups of 1280, or 2560, then when they split they break down 2560, 1280, 640, 320, 160, 80, 40. I recombine the small amounts up to around the 40-60 range, wherever I leave off when I have enough for the stack I'm building. I do it once or twice a week, and this way all the smaller stacks I use to recombine usually have the smallest amount of weight since I work my way from the bottom every time. Seems like a sound strategy to me.
  2. Bob-bit


    Great job vote club! That's some real community support right there. First place, and 7 days left to widen the lead. Those of us in the US (especially) appreciate you taking up the voting task and taking us to the front of the pack.
  3. Bob-bit

    How to backup your wallet:

    Damn. I'm getting an author deleted this story error.
  4. Bob-bit

    Staking explained:

    Well, while your wallet has to be online to receive stakes, if you are offline, you will still gain weight, which will make getting a stake when you do come back online more likely. For the most part, you should get close to the same amount either way, however having it on staking all the time decreases the effect of luck on the process, so it may help increase your rewards somewhat on the long run since the amount of time at each staking reward level is finite.
  5. Bob-bit

    Bienvenidos a la comunidad en castellano

    Bienvenidos a todos. La espera ha terminado, y la diversión comenzará ahora!
  6. Bob-bit

    it's me

    Welcome to all of you! Glad we're ready to take that next step together!
  7. Bob-bit

    Available PRiVCY Mining Pools

    Another option I have been using lately for "mining" PRiVCY with my SHA256 miners (Antminer S9, etc) is to mine at Starpool letting the pool do the profit switching and using DGB as my payout coin. I have it set to payout to my DGB wallet address at Crex24. I then sell the DGB, and buy PRiVCY with the proceeds. I seem to be ending up with the same, or maybe a little more PRiVCY in the long run, and I figure that I'm leaving the PRiVCY there at Starpool for people who need to use the auto exchange option. There is also the effect of putting in buy orders for PRiVCY which is another plus, and creates exchange volume, which is another win as far as I'm concerned. Whenever I put in a buy order, I split the difference between the highest buy order and the lowest sell order, so it always brings the price up a little bit also. It feels like a winning strategy to me, and the more patience you have, the better it works out.

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