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  1. Bob-bit


    This is alot of fun. I already trade like this anyways (most of the time). It requires a little patience, but you (usually) end up getting more PRiVCY,and if you DON'T end up getting more, it's because the price shot up and your orders didn't get filled, in which case you're STILL winning if you're holding in your staking wallet.
  2. Bob-bit

    Privcy vs Monero vs Pivx vx CloakCoin vs Zcoin

    Then it would just be a different richlist. There's still going to be a top 100 irregardless of who's in it.
  3. Bob-bit

    Staking with raspberry pi:

    I ordered a Raspberry pi for this, and it just arrived from Amazon. This will be my project for the next day or two. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes. Pretty excited to get it up and going at the moment. Been wanting to have a second wallet for awhile now, and this will be perfect for my needs as far as I'm concerned, because of the low power use.
  4. Bob-bit

    Staking explained:

    If your coins are in larger inputs, you'll get larger stakes less frequently. If you have many smaller inputs, you'll get many stakes more often, but they will be smaller. Disturbing the stacks resets the weight though, so you might not want to go overboard with recombining stacks, or you will get less overall.
  5. Bob-bit

    Available PRiVCY Mining Pools

    While we lost zergpool as an autoexchange pool, due to them shutting down, we have gained a new option, as http://blockmasters.co/ now has PRiVCY as an autoexchange option. This means that even if you don't have an X13 miner, you can still get paid in PRiVCY mining with whatever miner you do have. We are also on https://www.starpool.biz/ as an autoexchange option, so there are choices available to you if you want to mine PRiVCY, even if you don't have a Baikal.
  6. Bob-bit

    Privcy vs Monero vs Pivx vx CloakCoin vs Zcoin

    Yeah, the mixer is sure to bring a nice boost. I also think the staking rewards turn alot of heads, and they are even available on the webwallet. I think if the future developments keep going the direction they are, there's nowhere to go but to the head of the class.
  7. Bob-bit

    General Chat

    I really like the dark theme, sometimes I'm on late at night and my eyes can't take bright screens. Also cool that I can come on late at night and have interactions with all you fine people, and because forums aren't in real time, it doesn't matter. Discord is awesome, for the real time chatting, but at 3:00am, it isn't nearly exciting as it is during the day (for people in the US anyways).
  8. Bob-bit

    Staking explained:

    It's a great option if you don't have a computer to dedicate to staking, or if you're travelling alot. If you have a computer to install the real wallet, that's always the better option, but not always feasible, especially if you have alot of different wallets for different coins.
  9. Bob-bit

    Available PRiVCY Mining Pools

    That looks like gos.cx
  10. Bob-bit

    Staking explained:

    I build my stacks in groups of 1280, or 2560, then when they split they break down 2560, 1280, 640, 320, 160, 80, 40. I recombine the small amounts up to around the 40-60 range, wherever I leave off when I have enough for the stack I'm building. I do it once or twice a week, and this way all the smaller stacks I use to recombine usually have the smallest amount of weight since I work my way from the bottom every time. Seems like a sound strategy to me.
  11. Bob-bit


    Great job vote club! That's some real community support right there. First place, and 7 days left to widen the lead. Those of us in the US (especially) appreciate you taking up the voting task and taking us to the front of the pack.
  12. Bob-bit

    How to backup your wallet:

    Damn. I'm getting an author deleted this story error.
  13. Bob-bit

    Staking explained:

    Well, while your wallet has to be online to receive stakes, if you are offline, you will still gain weight, which will make getting a stake when you do come back online more likely. For the most part, you should get close to the same amount either way, however having it on staking all the time decreases the effect of luck on the process, so it may help increase your rewards somewhat on the long run since the amount of time at each staking reward level is finite.
  14. Bob-bit

    Bienvenidos a la comunidad en castellano

    Bienvenidos a todos. La espera ha terminado, y la diversión comenzará ahora!
  15. Bob-bit

    it's me

    Welcome to all of you! Glad we're ready to take that next step together!

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