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  1. JustASalad

    Puzzle #12

    Puzzle 12 Results: Well done @oer4all A whole 200 PRIV for you my good sir! Solution:
  2. JustASalad

    Puzzle #12

    Puzzle #12 Answer Form: <https://goo.gl/forms/ObecaTHlelfgBXgh2> Prize: 200 PRIV Closes: Sat 13 Oct 16:00 UTC Rules: Complete the 7x7 grid by filling in the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 such that each collumn and row contains each number ONCE. The > and < signs indicate greater than, or less than and your solution must make this relations true. Sample Solution
  3. JustASalad

    Puzzle #11

    Puzzle #11 Results 60 PRIV - @Michael B 30 PRIV - @oer4all @Feyrian @Achilles Congrats guys
  4. JustASalad

    Kittens Corner

    Details will be released soon, just have a busy week to get through
  5. JustASalad

    Kittens Corner

    That is very sad. I hope your Kitty is okay my friend
  6. JustASalad

    General Chat

    and such a sexy looking forum at that
  7. JustASalad

    Puzzle #11

    Puzzle #11 Answer form: https://goo.gl/forms/KalxvbY6tMRNCbuH2 Prize: 150 PRIV Closes: Tuesday 9 October 10:00 UTC Puzzles: .1) To open the safe below every single button must be pressed exactly once. Each button tells you which is the next button to press, 6D = 6 down, 1U = 1 up, etc. You must end on the button "E", can you figure out which button to begin on? (I need it's position and what is written on the button as an answer) .2) Each empty white square in the grid contains one of the numbers 1, 2, 3,..., 8. Each of the horizontal and vertical equations must be true and each number must be used exactly once.
  8. JustASalad

    Puzzle #10

    Puzzle 10 Results 1st: @oer4all - 200 PRIV 2nd: @Michael B - 100 PRIV Congratulations guys! Solution:
  9. JustASalad

    Kittens Corner

    Details will come soon, it is not ready
  10. JustASalad

    Forum Madness!

    We can only hope buddy!
  11. JustASalad

    Bob Ross

    Bob Ross Stream
  12. JustASalad

    it's me

    I'll bring my GF, but can I dress up as superman and watch from inside the closet?
  13. JustASalad

    Bob Ross

  14. JustASalad

    it's me

    We have a general chat topic now
  15. JustASalad

    General Chat

    For talking about general things, in a general manner, generally.

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