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  1. Dmapamasa

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    Very meaningful and fun airdrop is about to end. I will do my best to the end. The end of airdrop in PRiVCY means the real beginning of PRiVCY. I am looking forward to a great announcement after airdrop is over.
  2. Dmapamasa

    New faucet

    It went well. Thank you for the faucet. But what is the faucet for? I wonder from the front. Personally I think that it is for many people to know the coin.
  3. Dmapamasa

    Hello .

    Welcome. To a wonderful community. Let 's do our best for the remaining airdrop ~
  4. Dmapamasa


    Thank you very much.
  5. Dmapamasa


    good evening Yesterday wallet fell on windows' update. I downloaded wallet and started it but I get the following error and I can not start it. (Error loading blkindex.dat) What should I do now?
  6. Dmapamasa

    Backgroud color suggestion

    I did it. feel well. Thank you very much.
  7. Dmapamasa

    Backgroud color suggestion

    I see. Thank you very much. How do you set it?
  8. Dmapamasa

    Backgroud color suggestion

    I hope there is a choice. I think that it is not a priority yet. I think it would be fun if there were various backgrounds to choose from.
  9. Dmapamasa


    日本語の解説、 ありがとうございます。
  10. Dmapamasa


    I will vote for PRIVCY. Is it essential for AIRDROP this time?
  11. I will post here for the first time. I am looking forward to. It is PRiVCY after the end of airdrop. Thinking about that, I can not go to bed at night. I will keep my PRiVCY for that fun.

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