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  1. mrprivacy

    Will you hold Priv after AD finish?

    You can do whatever you want buddies ! It's a free world
  2. mrprivacy

    CoinDeal winner: PRiVCY

    When celebration guys? we put so much effort in this winning - we deserved it
  3. mrprivacy

    Bitcointalk Account for Sale

    This is shit world - hackers are on top of that
  4. mrprivacy

    Bitcointalk Account for Sale

    I didn't know there is a price list of that! Sounds crazy to me
  5. mrprivacy

    Is the privcy airdrop going to be extended?

    As part of the roadmap and WP I personally don't think the change the idea so easely because they have to be trusted to others here
  6. mrprivacy


    We're really close guys! Just put another big effort here today and we're good to be listened
  7. mrprivacy

    New exchange listing: Injex

    Has anyone traded on it ? There are a tons of new exchange out there that are not so good. Let us know
  8. mrprivacy

    New faucet

    I'm gonna test it right now ! Thanks for sharing
  9. mrprivacy

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    Last but not least - com'on guys we have rocked !
  10. mrprivacy

    Benvenuta a tutta la comunità italiana

    Eccoli qui quelli che non mollano mai dopo tutto! Stiamo creando la storia, non dimenticatevelo mai. Early adopters sempre !
  11. mrprivacy

    Benvenuta a tutta la comunità italiana

    Ciao Leader ! Grazie per tutto quello che ci metti e la tua carica !
  12. thanks for the opportunity !

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