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  1. takaf007

    ETH crisis Knocking.

    Declines in the price of ETH will be accompanied by ease of use. Many ETH tokens were brought to use due to the rise in the price of ETH. From now on, will not it be left only tokens that really understand the value of ETH? It turned out that the platform currency has a high price, which makes it hard to use. I think that ETH depends on how much firm alto coins and tokens remain. In other words, I think not to return to the price like before.
  2. takaf007

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    Privacy is also AD 20, and it will be the last. Of course, after airdorp we hope that an announcement of surprise will come. I would like more people to know about this last chance.
  3. takaf007

    Is the privcy airdrop going to be extended?

    Is it the last in AD 20? It is not over yet a little. 52% of the total number is used for Airdrop. Will not it be extended even if there are more operations than imagined?
  4. takaf007


    >AD12-AD20の場合一度登録する:https://privcy.io/airdrop-registration/(必須)すでに完了している場合は、もう一度やり直す必要はありません! これ少し心配になったね。 10月の段階で、現在AD18で、もらえてるのだから、やったことがあるんだろうけれど。

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