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  1. Xenon05

    and after ?

    let's wait and see the future plans of the dev.
  2. Xenon05

    Hello .

    hello guys welcome to the privcy community
  3. Xenon05

    Mga kabayan tara usap tayo (all about privcy).

    kahit sana sa Crypto Bridge eh maka pasok ang priv, para ok na din, sa cryptopia kasi mahal ang listing fee.
  4. hope for the more development of the project, good luck to the privcy team.
  5. Xenon05

    Giveaways and Bounties

    meron na palang badges hehe ayos yan, meron pang mga bounties
  6. Xenon05

    HODL lang tayo kay priv

    hold lang, hintay lang tayo ng tamang panahon ng ng pagtaas ni priv, until may improvement ang project ayos yan. tiyaga lang tayo.
  7. Xenon05

    Very excited for our own forum! PRIVCY!

    the theme color is looking good, glad to see the privcy team make a forum like this, just like the bitcointalk forum we can communicate to the others members and share some ideas.
  8. Xenon05

    Is the privcy airdrop going to be extended?

    just hold your coins to be to get some mini holders airdrop.
  9. Xenon05

    Killing your project ( Zoin )

    i believe in that project too, just hold some coins, so sad that the original dev is left, and make a new project. i hope the new Noir will be in a good hands and make the coin great again.
  10. Xenon05

    New exchange listing: Injex

    there is a problem on that exchange, withdrawals, buy order, sell order is pending up to now, i hope they resolve the problem, its very new and they are not prepared for that situation.
  11. Xenon05

    New faucet

    nice the faucet has a new facelift, i will collect on the faucet
  12. Xenon05

    Mabuhay Pilipinas

    abang na lang tayo ng mga susunod pang mga improvement and new development ng project.

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