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  1. vectisitch

    coindeal is live

    when trading
  2. vectisitch

    coindeal is live

    Great news! @PRiVCY_COIN is now listed on @CoinDeal_ exchange. $PRIV deposits and withdrawls are open. You can start trading $PRIV against $BTC. Happy trading! #PRiVCY #PRIV $PRIV #CoinDeal @Testament @chuckfcknbilly @_ericpeterson_
  3. so when this horrible market ends and the bulls come back what will you do? will you watch or buy some coins? what coins are you thinking of buying and why?
  4. vectisitch

    BTC price

    it could also go down and up, down and up
  5. vectisitch

    BTC price

    i really don't know at this stage. it is going against all past historic movements
  6. vectisitch

    Investing in ICO,s? Nah. forget it

    never invested in an ico and never will. most turn out to be scams. you pays your money and gets nothing in return
  7. vectisitch

    New event.

    perhaps something where you can get free coins?? maybe join one of our bounties or giveaways???
  8. vectisitch

    about marketplace

  9. i've just started to collect Ltc. i think it's ripe for a big breakout once things turn round
  10. vectisitch

    What's your favorite exchange?

    coinex have now disabled voting for coin listings. So how ca nwe get listed on there now??
  11. vectisitch

    More news about this soon

    when bet?
  12. vectisitch

    Will you hold Priv after AD finish?

    i'll be holding as i know whats coming
  13. vectisitch


    as i said on discord. backup your wallet.dat file. then delete your wallet and the privcy folder in local disk(c) users/username/appdata/roaming. Reinstall a new wallet and run it. close it and navigate back to local disk(c) users/username/appdata/roaming/privcy, and paste your saved wallet.dat file. overwrite it when prompted. run the wallet again and it will now be back to your old wallet address. let it sync back up
  14. vectisitch

    More news about this soon

    are we there YET???
  15. vectisitch


    we are now in top spot. time to pull away

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