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  1. vectisitch


    as i said on discord. backup your wallet.dat file. then delete your wallet and the privcy folder in local disk(c) users/username/appdata/roaming. Reinstall a new wallet and run it. close it and navigate back to local disk(c) users/username/appdata/roaming/privcy, and paste your saved wallet.dat file. overwrite it when prompted. run the wallet again and it will now be back to your old wallet address. let it sync back up
  2. vectisitch

    More news about this soon

    are we there YET???
  3. vectisitch


    we are now in top spot. time to pull away
  4. vectisitch

    vote at hoardinvest.com

    i voted also. it seems to be a one time only vote
  5. vectisitch


    at the time of writing this we are only 25 spots short of top spot. well done tpo the voters
  6. vectisitch

    More news about this soon

    are we there yet?
  7. vectisitch

    ETH crisis Knocking.

    i don't think Eth will fail. Eth is widely accepted as payment just after btc. many places i have contacted to ask if they would start taking priv as payment are only accepting btc or Eth. many of the youtube crypto vloggers only accept Eth and btc as payment for their services. this shows that Eth is a trusted payment option.
  8. vectisitch


    well i wouldn't be me if i didn't
  9. vectisitch


    i votes i hate it, just to be an ass
  10. vectisitch

    it's me

    hi all, hopefully you will all know me from discord. i'm here to help and to get this rocket to the moon

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