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  1. CryptoSifu

    Forum Posts Delete Content

    I’m on my mobile. Not sure why it wasn’t saving. Will try again. I may have overlooked the drafts link as I posted this on the first day trying to use the forum.
  2. CryptoSifu

    New faucet

    Works well. Good job
  3. CryptoSifu

    Will you hold Priv after AD finish?

    Im holding strong. In it to win it! anotger 12 months of AD don’t hurt either...
  4. CryptoSifu

    CoinDeal winner: PRiVCY

    Great news, while I didn’t want to KYC, it’s great to see the momentum the Privcy community built. You know this vote was legit and the W well earned! Congrats all!
  5. CryptoSifu

    Forum Posts Delete Content

    Hey Team, Is there a way for the forum to remember your post details before it’s submitted? (Draft) i was trying to create a post but needed some external links. Everytine i I exited the page and came back my content was gone and there was no saved draft. Basically had to start all over again. Can an you createe an automated draft in account profiles so I can come back to it later and not lose any of my content before posting? thanks!
  6. CryptoSifu

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    I’ve been in since the start and have watched the team build a great community around this project. I like that the focus has been on keeping the people together and focused on common goals to benefit Privcy overall. Even though the <10k airdrops are finished this week I think Privcy is one to follow. Well done team. Thanks for making this a cool place to hang out in crypto!
  7. Apprently there has been some selective scamming happening. Interesting thread that exposes a lot of sneaky tricks being used to rob people of their BTC. Read and decide. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4619534.0
  8. CryptoSifu

    Forum Madness!

    Forum is looking good. Really slick mobile UI which is usually overlooked in these types of apps. Im sure it will be much much better here than at bct.

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