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  1. crpto

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    why coindeal manipulating the voting end timing, this morning when i vote i seen 8 hours left but again now it show 1 day more .
  2. crpto

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    8 hours to end coindeal vote and the next coin behind us vote are seriously increasing, please vote vote don't relax
  3. crpto

    Altcoin discussion:

    privcy just need strong marketing with good partners now it's clear that its strong network
  4. go to discord and submit your work there. not here
  5. thank you its corrected now
  6. @everyone Twitter-comment-giveaway This guy has 200K followers and claims to list the 5 most commented projects on an exchange. We don't know if he has that power but its worth a shot. A positive side effect is the free marketing of getting our name out there. 1. Make a short Comment on his tweet the comment must contain the $PRIV and @PRiVCY_COIN taggs. 2. Upload your screenshot with name on it 3. Post your walletaddress with it 4. Reward: 5 PRIV Come on guys and girls, lets show some community power!
  7. I just voted for $PRIV. Cast your vote today and help get #PRIV listed on the @Hoard mobile wallet and DEX #HoardTheVote @Hoard link to website
  8. crpto

    ETH crisis Knocking.

    The Ethereum network has been falling, as many heated discussions are being carried on in the name of development. The separation of Ethereum Classic from Ethereum was one of the major incidents which broke the backbone of the network. since it drops from its peak at high as $1347 in January 2018 to $187 in September 2018, Ethereum price could reach $53 soon. while interviewing Vitalik Buterin Vitalik Buterin in his respond said "The collapse of ETH is inevitable" Vitalik even said that the days of Cryptocurrency markets (in short Ethereum) are now history. read more of the article here and here
  9. i assume with your comment they want to take advantages of us, but hell nooo
  10. Hope this good news will add positive trading volume to all cryptocurrency, The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has set a late October deadline to begin reviewing proposed rule changes that would allow several regulated exchange operators to list bitcoin ETF products on their trading platforms. source of this news here
  11. crpto


    This is crpto from central Europe I'm 33 and currently deeply into cryptocurrency trading and investing . i would like to hear from crypto guru in here so we can discuss the latest trends in blockchain technology Thanks.

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