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  1. Reason SEC Suspends Trading in Company Over False Cryptocurrency-Related Claims here
  2. zestcoin is new mn coin selling on 2 exchange platform now , cryptopia and coinexchange airdrop some quantity by only using your social media account to participate here is the link
  3. crpto

    General Chat

    do you like master node coin? another opportunity to earn free zestcoin currently trading on cryptopia coinexchange zestcoin
  4. crpto

    Will you hold Priv after AD finish?

    privcy is coins worth to be hold as long as you can afford , reliable.
  5. crpto

    Forum Madness!

    was wondering where 30 priv come from , now i know where it came from , kudos to privacy teams for there transparency
  6. where you guys got the mini AD information that spreading here
  7. Register to gain access to the Evimeria voting program! 1. Make sure to join @EviAnnounces 2. Follow Evimeria on Twitter (https://twitter.com/evimeriaio). Use your REAL email address. We will send a verification email to ensure there will be no abuse. To register type: /register [email protected] Evimeria (@EvimeriaIO) | Twitter The latest Tweets from Evimeria (@EvimeriaIO). The purpose of the Evimeria Platform is to bring transparency and accountability to the field of charitable donations. Join our Telegram channel: https://t.co/FIAlEwwZz6
  8. Fidelity, the $2.5trn Wall St. asset management giant, announced Monday that it will soon begin to offer cryptocurrency custody and brokerage solutions for institutions. These new facilities will be provided by a new off-shoot arm of the business, Fidelity Digital Assets. read more here from source
  9. crpto

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    why coindeal manipulating the voting end timing, this morning when i vote i seen 8 hours left but again now it show 1 day more .
  10. crpto

    Final AD round 20: Rules

    8 hours to end coindeal vote and the next coin behind us vote are seriously increasing, please vote vote don't relax
  11. crpto

    Altcoin discussion:

    privcy just need strong marketing with good partners now it's clear that its strong network
  12. go to discord and submit your work there. not here
  13. thank you its corrected now
  14. @everyone Twitter-comment-giveaway This guy has 200K followers and claims to list the 5 most commented projects on an exchange. We don't know if he has that power but its worth a shot. A positive side effect is the free marketing of getting our name out there. 1. Make a short Comment on his tweet the comment must contain the $PRIV and @PRiVCY_COIN taggs. 2. Upload your screenshot with name on it 3. Post your walletaddress with it 4. Reward: 5 PRIV Come on guys and girls, lets show some community power!

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