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    Dear community, With a forum there will be forum ranks of course. We chose to develop some nice and shiny badges to accompany these ranks. The names we chose are related to privacy, security and anonimity. We hope you like them, enjoy your new badges 🏆 Special thanks to @05w3z0 for graphics designs 👏 Forum ranks: Posts count 1. Public Newbie 0 2. Discreet Junior 25 3. Dark Horse 100 4. Scrambler 250 5. Gatekeeper 500 6. Cloak King 1000 7. Stealth Master 2500 8. Incognito Boss 5000 9. Mr. Tor the Anonymous 10.000
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    18th Airdrop has been distributed to 491 participants! Congratulations! 550 000 PRiV distributed! Next airdrop will be on 13th of October @ 16:00 UTC, cut off for NEW registrations, balances and mandatory tasks is on 12th of October @ 16:00 UTC The payouts were as follows: Held more than 90% of airdropped balance: 100000-249999 2443.785929 50000-99999 1745.561378 25000-49999 1221.892964 10000-24999 1047.336827 5000-9999 768.0470062 3000-4999 628.4020959 1000-2999 488.7571857 100-999 349.1122755 0-99 279.2898204 Held less than 90% of airdropped balance: 5000+ 349.1122755 3000-4999 279.2898204 1000-2999 20.94673653 100-999 13.96449102 0-99 6.982245511 (*these amounts do not include voters club, therefore your actual payout might be higher if you are in voters club) We are improving our Airdrop System from AD12 and as part of it we require you to input the same registration information as you did here on discord, to our site https://privcy.io/airdrop-registration/ You will need your Discord user name, twitter link, btc id, email and your AD PRiVCY wallet address Please note this is ONE TIME mandatory step in order to receive airdrops from AD12 - AD20 Please note that ALL TWEETS from Sunday 7th to Thursday 11th are mandatory to retweet
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    Hi All, I've been a part of the crypto scene since 2011 and PRiV stands out by a long shot compared with the 100's and 1000's of shit/scam coins out there :) And before anyone asks, no I'm not rich, I sold 80 BTC when they were worth $2 each and 18000 LTC for around $160 which I mined from day one. I also mined solidcoin and Geistgeld (ask your grandad) Happy to be on board and I hope all us early adopters can look back in 12 months with a huge grin on our faces :)
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    Maligayang pagdating mga Pinoy! Welcome sa mga Pinoy PRiVCY members! Ito yung sariling section natin sa forum na ito. Dito tayo magtipun-tipon at pag-usapan ang lahat ng mga bagay Kaya feel at home mga Pinoy! Werpa!
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    Добро пожаловать на форум участники русскоговорящего сообщества. В этом разделе вы можете свободно общаться на любые интересующие вас темы. Будьте вежливы и помогайте друг-другу, если у вас возникнут какие-либо вопросы вы знаете где меня найти. Удачи!
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    Been in Priv since AD1 and loving it. I'm from London, UK and a relative crypto newbie. Loving the team and the good vibes on Discord and looking forward to being a regular poster in the new forum.
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    Hi, guys, I am just another crypto freak dedicated to the success of our beloved PRiVCY. I hope we will rock it to the moon when the time comes, so be prepared!
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    nice 2 more and i have them all, never missed one ad.
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    Welcome to all of you! Glad we're ready to take that next step together!
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    Marilyndres here! The cutest among the team
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    Soon Salad will be a discreet junior salad, so excite
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    Hola a todos los miembros de la comunidad PRiVCY deja tu saludo para que todos te conozcan.
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    For talking about general things, in a general manner, generally.
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    Welcome my fellow members open na ang ating pinakahihintay na forum! Sumali kayo sa mga Giveaways at bounties na makikita sa Giveaways at bounties section: Forum Madness! Sa pagdiwang ng paglulunsad ng ating bagong forum na merong maraming mga giveaway at bounties na inihanda para sa inyo. Gumawa ang account sa forum, i-post at makilahok sa ating pinakabagong komunidad at pwede ka ding manalo ng mga premyo mula sa 5 - 20 PRIV depende sa nilalaman. Forum Giggles! Dapat everyday "Happy" kaya makilahok na sa Forum giggles. Each week merong top 5 jokes na mananalo! Kaya kung sinong pareho kay Viceganda dito ehh sumali na kayo. React "Haha" sa mga jokes na napaiyak kayo sa kakatawa Prizes: 1st - 50 PRIV 2nd - 30 PRIV 3rd - 20 PRIV 4th - 10 PRIV 5th - 10 PRIV Forum Kings! Lahat tayo gusto ng mga badges! Sa forum na ito meron tayong iba't ibang ranks na may sariling badges. At of course merong premyo kung sino yung pinakaactive dito sa forum. Ranks: First 10 to Discreet Junior: 15 PRIV First 5 to Dark Horse: 40 PRIV First 3 to Scrambler: 125 PRIV First 1 to Gatekeeper: 300 PRIV Introduce Yourself! Let's get to know each other guys kaya sa giveaway na ito you will share something about yourself. 10 PRIV to the first 50 introductions! Forum Suggestions! We're for some suggestions guys kaya kung meron kayong mga suggestions feel free to share your ideas and of course merong prize sa mga na pili. Prize: 25 PRiV each Meron pang madaming mga giveaways at bounties kaya stay tuned dito guys and Have fun!
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    James07 from discord here to blast the house😁 Lets put the priv train on the move.
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    Hi guys. I am Mehmet. From Izmir / Turkey. The forum is looking cool.
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    Hi guys, I am watuki. I am from Japan. I joined the PRiVCY community about 4 months ago. I am really excited in this community. I love everybody in the community!
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    well i am here in the forum. seeing what new and liking it
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    А форум зачетный Такая богатая функциональность! тут не один день нужно разбираться
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    Anong magandang balita kaya ang susunod bago matapos ang airdrop ng privcy bukod sa airdrop monthly para sa mga holders?
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    Good to have our own Community to grow <3
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    Well, I'm the sexiest mom from PRiVCY.
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    Yeah me too, missed just one AD though and hope we keep this going after the ADs
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    glad to have been in this from day 1. Missed a couple of ADs from newbie mistakes. Can't believe we are nearly at AD20 already.
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    and I was hoping to be first to post. Some bugger snuck in through the back door!

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