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    Great news! @PRiVCY_COIN is now listed on @CoinDeal_ exchange. $PRIV deposits and withdrawls are open. You can start trading $PRIV against $BTC. Happy trading! #PRiVCY #PRIV $PRIV #CoinDeal @Testament @chuckfcknbilly @_ericpeterson_
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    I think it will go up and down and up and down
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    People always want to know the reason behind price moves in crypto (same for stockmarket or any financial market), well the simple explanation for the recent downfall of the cryptomarket is that there are more sellers than buyers, but that answer won't give you any satisfaction. So read this then: Link: https://cointelegraph.com/news/what-is-going-on-with-the-crypto-markets-analysts-unpack-factors-behind-10-days-slump
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    I think if you look really hard you will still find some seriously good projects amongst the garbage but the Bear market has certainly put several nails in the coffin of most of this year ICO launches. They were decimated when starting on the DEX exchanges such as Forkdelta or IDEX and left many investors nursing instant losses of 50 even up to 95%
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    We actived the new tipbot on our discord server. There's also betting function available. You have to register again for the tipbot. Go to the #bot-spam channel and type: $register (this command gets you registered) $deposit (this command gives u a new discord walletaddress) The rest of the commands are: $rain - Rain all active users $help - Displays a useful list of commands. $bet - Donate to a donation account $guess - User: Guess a user from the registered users list $deposit - Show Your Deposit Address on this Tip Bot Service. Use the address to send coins to your account on this Tip Bot. $dlist - Show a list of your Deposits on this Tip Bot Service. TXID, Amount, and Deposit Status are displayed to easily track deposits. $mobile - Show Your Deposit Address on this Tip Bot Service. Use the address to send coins to your account on this Tip Bot. Formatted for easy copying on Mobile. $donate - Donate to a donation account $tip - Tip users coins. You can tip multiple users $checksoak - Checks if soak is available on the server $bal - Sends your account balance via DM $balance - Sends your account balance via DM $showbal - Display your balance publicly in the chat $withdraw - Withdraw coins from your account to any address, You agree to pay a withdrawal fee to support the costs of this service $wlist - Show a list of your Withdrawals on this Tip Bot Service. TXID, and Amount are displayed to easily track withdrawals. $soak - Tip all online users $soak_info - Display min soak amount and maximum soak recipients Have fun!
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    All these projects can be called one-time trifles. If for entertainment only ...
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    Don't understand the ticket thing, HODLing more than 10k
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    Didn't get anything and holding more than 40k. Why?
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    so when this horrible market ends and the bulls come back what will you do? will you watch or buy some coins? what coins are you thinking of buying and why?
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    Awesome to be in with a share of the 100K pot, thanks again team
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    i really don't know at this stage. it is going against all past historic movements
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    never invested in an ico and never will. most turn out to be scams. you pays your money and gets nothing in return
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    As you can read it the link underneath the ICO market is declining due to regulations and the ongoing bearmarket. I don't think this will change anytime soon because not only the given reasons in the article but also the overkill of launched ICO's and the scams taking place have a very negative effect on the ROI. Better stay with projects that do an ICD (Initial Coin Distribution) or the so called Airdrop! Happy reading source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/ico-performance-in-q3-2018-saw-overall-disappointment-study-shows
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    Dear community, We value your opinion,dedication and the effort put into this project. It has been asked several times, so now it's time to deliver. To give some more insight into the people behind the PRiVCY team, we compiled a document containing the introduction,vision, and some background info about the team members. https://forum.privcy.io/uploads/set_resources_3/Introduction_Final_small.pdf Happy reading
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    We made it to the second round of the Eterbase exchange listing vote. This round is a voting poll on twitter. You only have to cast your vote once! Lets show some community strenght and take this opportunity to help us get listed there! Save your screenshot of the vote, you can enter a giveaway on discord for this voting round. Reward is 10 PRIV. Thank u for your help
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    Everyone make sure you vote via Twitter
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    Many people think,Doge is a highly potential coin. But one other group believe that , it's not because of it's high supply. I'm confused about it. Sometimes it's play well(2x,3x) within some days but sometimes it's play with wrong direction. That's why I hold it sometimes & sell it for safety. Finally I think I'll hold it for a long time But what your opinion about Doge coin?
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    Also, another thing... (although I’m obviously just talking to myself :)) Dogecoin is still used 4x more than bitcoin cash https://bitcoinist.com/such-hard-fork-much-hot-air-dogecoin-still-used-4x-more-than-bitcoin-cash/
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    Dear community, Most of you already read about the unfortunate event that took place last night. One of the founders got a data breach on his server, the server that contained his personal wallet with 1 million PRIV in it. Those PRIVs were send to CREX24 and partly dumped at market prices. The remaining part stayed as a limit sell order in the orderbook. A sad event for our project but even worse for our founder, losing that amount of PRIV but more important someone got hold of his personal data, a severe breach of his personal privacy, whats in a name you could say. After finding out what happened our CMO contacted CREX24 to discuss options, thanks to their helpfull attitude the deposit, withdrawls and trading is halted and the exchange wallet containing the stolen PRIV was locked. In the meantime we started an investigation and collected evidence for CREX24 so we can prove that the stolen PRIV belongs to our founder. This is still ongoing at the time of writing this. Important to know: - the data breach has nothing to do with the security of the PRiVCY blockchain nor with the security of the qt-wallet. - We are in contact with CREX24 about the developments - This has nothing to do with an exit scam or whatsoever. Every rational thinking human being will understand that putting months of work in this project and then pulling off an exit scam to gather 0.3 BTC would be a waste of time. We want to be as transparant as we can be about this situation, trust is a key factor if you work on something together as a team and community. We see this as a temporarily setback, we will continue to move forward with the project with good things coming our way. The mixer is in its last stage of development, we have the CoinDeal exchange listing coming up and some exciting marketing events on the calender. We, the moderators team of PRiVCY want to fully speak out our trust in the founders/developers and in the project as a whole. None of us sold any PRIV during this unfortunate event, we are here to stay. We hope you will stay with us on this journey to make PRiVCY a number one privacy coin! We will keep you updated! @Raypok moderator @vectisitch moderator @05w3z0 moderator @JustASalad moderator @art3dsm moderator @Bob-bit moderator @Mjolnir moderator @THXMiner moderator @SPEEDSTER moderator @MadGoofy moderator
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    Colonist of Catan, and i play magic the gathering card game, thats really strategic
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    Doge is piece of crypto history And cuuuuute doggy! Dogecoin - shitcoin review
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    I absolutely love DOGE. Will be buying it over and over again whenever it goes 40 sats and bellow. If it's under 25 sats - much wow! Selling it approximately around 100 days and above. It's cute and fun, it's low sats so newbies are buying it. It's what it is, they're not pretending to be something they're not. There's no development, but so what? There are no announcements of the announcements. It's one of the strongest alt indicators. It has a big and strong community (in 2014 they sponsored the NASCAR race and community donated $55k), lots of people entered crypto mining doge yeeears ago and love it still. It's also used for tipping. On some exchanges there are DOGE trading pairs. Transactions are fast - has 1 minute blocks...
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    Mini Airdrop schedule: Month 1 : cutoff for balances 11/30/2018 16:00 UTC - Airdrop 12/01/2018 Month 2 : cutoff for balances 12/31/2018 16:00 UTC - Airdrop 01/01/2019 Month 3 : cutoff for balances 01/31/2019 16:00 UTC - Airdrop 02/01/2019 Month 4 : cutoff for balances 02/28/2019 16:00 UTC - Airdrop 03/01/2019 Month 5 : cutoff for balances 03/31/2019 16:00 UTC - Airdrop 04/01/2019 Month 6 : cutoff for balances 04/30/2019 16:00 UTC - Airdrop 05/01/2019 Month 7 : cutoff for balances 05/31/2019 16:00 UTC - Airdrop 06/01/2019 Month 8 : cutoff for balances 06/30/2019 16:00 UTC - Airdrop 07/01/2019 Month 9 : cutoff for balances 07/31/2019 16:00 UTC - Airdrop 08/01/2019 Month 10 : cutoff for balances 08/31/2019 16:00 UTC - Airdrop 09/01/2019 Month 11 : cutoff for balances 09/30/2019 16:00 UTC - Airdrop 10/01/2019 Month 12 : cutoff for balances 10/31/2019 16:00 UTC - Airdrop 11/01/2019
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    Dear community, We wrapped our heads around this one and we hope to composed something that keeps everyone happy and dedicated to this project. We understand not everyone will keep hanging around and hodl their PRIV but for the ones that do we serve you well. Underneath you see two screens that visualize the 12 months mini AD's We have a big group of holders, we chose to allocate the 20K monthly budget based on group and time. Simply put, we allocate most of the budget to the lowest and biggest group (10K) in the first months and work our way up from there. We hope some of the 10K members will get the chance to rank up to the 25k group in that period. We as a team and some of the big holders see more value in keeping the lower badge group on board then reward more PRIV to the bigger holders. It will reflect in the price on the longer term and that benefits all. Good to know: * Every member who received one or more ADs and with 10K badge or higher will automatically qualify as a PRiVCY Loyalty Supporter. * Cutoff for balances is at last day of the month, Airdrop is on the first day of the new month. * Make sure you have your walletaddress also in your forum profile in the wallet field. * No other requirements then just HODL your way through 12 months Monthly budget is 20K but our Admins decided to throw in some extra budget This will be used as a bonus as you can see in the screens. If you hold into month 2 you will receive 20 PRIV and if you hold another month you receive 30 PRIV ...and so on. We hope you guys stay with us and make this project a success, we will keep running giveaways and bounties here on discord and on forum. Development updates and other important news will be published here on forum first! Have a good weekend all PRiVCY-Team

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